16 Aug A Step Forward in Waste Management: Establishing ‘Bank Sampah’ on Lease Islands MPA

CTC collaborated with several local partners to support the launch of a Waste Bank, known as “Bank Sampah,” in Ouw Village on Saparua Island, Maluku, on July 11th. This collaborative effort aims to address the plastic threats to the seagrass ecosystem, which serves as a crucial habitat for Dugongs within the Lease Islands Marine Protected Area (MPA).

Waste management initiatives have previously begun in Saparua, although on an irregular basis, with partial contributions from governmental institutions, the church community, and the local NGO Yayasan Toma Majo Lease. Through the “Kalesang Dugong” project, CTC and the Baileo Foundation have played a pivotal role in encouraging the establishment of a Bank Sampah in Saparua. This initiative emerged from discussions during the waste management training in Mahu Village, Saparua, on April 13, 2023.

Named “Bank Sampah LISKA Unit Negeri Ouw”, the launch was opened by Corneles Soparue, the Head of the Environment and Waste Agency (Kepala Dinas Lingkungan Hidup dan Persampahan or DLHP) of Maluku Tengah District. The event was attended by 58 participants, including representatives from Camat Saparua, Camat Saparua Timur, the local community, the Raja of Ouw Village, and six other Rajas from the Saparua Timur sub-district. One of the highlights was the signing of the establishment document, symbolizing the official launch of Bank Sampah LISKA Unit Negeri Ouw.

On this occasion, CTC also successfully connected the Bank Sampah to PT MLA through the formalization of a partnership agreement. PT MLA, a company specializing in plastic waste processing based in Ambon, has expressed its commitment to supporting waste management efforts on Saparua Island. This commitment includes purchasing plastic waste from Bank Sampah, providing plastic press machinery, as well as offering support in various technical aspects of Bank Sampah operations.

Our Maluku Portofolio Manager, Purwanto, emphasized the significance of the establishment of Bank Sampah LISKA in relation to the ongoing “Kalesang Dugong” project. In addition to raising awareness about the plastic threats in the marine ecosystem, it will become an economic value to the community by managing their waste and selling it to the Bank Sampah LISKA. 

In parallel with the launching of Bank Sampah LISKA, a beach clean up event was planned across 17 villages on Saparua Island. Unfortunately, this initiative had to be rescheduled due to heavy rainfall a few days prior to the intended date. However, Paperu and Ihamahu Villages continued the beach clean-up, resulting in collection of 12 sacks of plastic waste weighing 12.1 kg. Subsequently, this collected plastic waste was dispatched to the Bank Sampah LISKA located in Ouw Village.

The establishment of Bank Sampah signifies a proactive step toward addressing the issue of plastic pollution within the Lease Islands MPA. CTC committed to support waste management efforts to mitigate the impact of plastic threats on the marine ecosystem within the region, aligning with the main objectives of the Kalesang Dugong Project.

Writers: Adam Putra, Purwanto
Photos: Gerald Istia/CTC

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