07 Jun CTC Goes to School: Dyatmika’s Earth Fair

On Saturday, March 11, 2023 two of CMC staff, Lisa and Salai, arrived at Dyatmika School in Sanur, Bali upon the school’s invitation. Hundreds of students, parents, and teachers gathered in the event to celebrate the love and admiration they have for our Mother Earth. The two attended the event to run a Mola booth and have a presentation on a prepared stage to briefly talk about CTC’s mission and vision, and bring CMC to students’ attention, hopefully catching their interest to learn about marine biodiversity and coral restoration through educational and recreational activities.

The event started at 10.00 AM and ended at 05.00 PM, during the hours, a handful of students dropped by to see what CMC booth had in store, and a couple of teachers came by with the interest of bringing their students to CMC. All in all, having an opportunity to attend Dyatmika’s Earth Fair has been yet one of the highlights for CTC/CMC, having students and teachers be interested in the cause and mission, introducing the products in Mola Shop and activities developed in CMC to educate, inspire, and engage students, Lisa and Salai left the event with a hopeful spirit that people would be more keen to learn the diversity, beauty, and importance of our oceans.

Text: Salai Monica
Photos: Salai Monica/CTC


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