18 Apr Discover the Wonders of the Ocean with Coral Diving School

CTC’s Coral Diving School (CDS) is the perfect way to experience the beauty of the underwater world. With a clear mission to educate individuals about the importance of marine conservation through a variety of courses, CDS offers an Open Water Diver Course as one of its options. The main objective of this course is to use diving courses and certifications as a platform to spread knowledge and skills that will help protect our oceans. In collaboration with Scuba School International (SSI),  Coral Dive School offers different learning programs to discover  our ocean.

One of these programs is the Open Water Diver Course, led by experienced marine conservationists, such as CTC Marine Conservation Advisor, Marthen Welly.  Some of the key things that students can learn in the course are dive theory and safety principles, proper equipment usage and maintenance, essential skills for scuba diving, planning and executing safe dives, emergency procedures, and problem management and environmental considerations and conservation awareness.

“The Coral Diving School is great. I joined one of the CDS courses, Open Water Diver Course.  The material that was given was necessary to learn, and was perfectly made to teach you about how to be a safety and responsible diver. The best experience while in the course was when we practiced in Tulamben. It was the 3rd dive, as we were able to go deeper into the water and I was able to see more species of fish and the beautiful stingray!” said one of the students, Tristan from Jakarta.

Coral Diving School students not only explore the magnificent coral reefs and fishes, but also gain the necessary knowledge and skills to safely dive with confidence as well as become a responsible diver.

Coral Dive School also offers courses such as Marine Ecology and Coral and Fish Identification. By providing these courses, CDS equips individuals with the tools necessary to understand, appreciate, and eventually help protect our marine environment.

What’s more, Coral Diving School students are not only learning new skills but also directly contributing to the protection of coral reefs and marine life in the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity as proceeds from their contributions are used to support CTC’s marine conservation programs.

For more information about our Coral Dive School, please contact us at centerbooking@coraltrianglecenter.org or via phone/WhatsApp at +62 811 394 00400.

Writers: Adam Putra, Marthen Welly
Photos: Sophie van De Waal

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