18 Apr CTC’s Ocean Keeper Club Celebrates Its First Anniversary

CTC’s Ocean Keeper Club celebrated its first anniversary on April 1, 2023. Since its inception, the club has grown to engage 625 young participants between the ages of 9 and 11 from all over Indonesia.

The club hosts regular events to explore about marine life and learn ways to safeguard them for generations to come.

The Ocean Keeper Club’s birthday celebration was held at the CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation in Sanur, Bali. The event started at 3 PM and lasted for nearly two hours, attended by 55 participants who joined either in person or online. These kids actively participated in facilitated group discussions, focusing on the topic of the most interesting action to protect the oceans.

The participants of the Ocean Keeper Club presented some noteworthy ideas during the celebration, including a commitment to avoiding the disposal of plastic waste in the ocean, spreading awareness about the significance of marine conservation among their peers, and refraining from catching endangered and protected marine species like turtles, dugongs, and whales. They creatively displayed their ideas on flipchart paper, embellished with lively decorations.

Canda, a passionate participant, highlighted the importance of marine ecosystems and the impact of human behaviour on them. “All sessions of Ocean Keeper Club have taught us how crucial the coastal and marine ecosystems are for the survival of marine animals,” she said. “I have personally pledged to reduce my use of single-use plastic, as it poses a significant threat to the health of our oceans.”

The birthday celebration concluded with a cheerful sing-along of “Happy Birthday” led b y the Ocean Keeper Club mascots: Max, Mindy, and Octa, followed by enjoying the birthday cake. To add a personal touch, some of the participants also crafted their own heartfelt birthday cards which were read by one of them.

As the Ocean Keeper Club celebrates its first anniversary and looks toward the future, its members are filled with enthusiasm and determination to further their efforts in protecting the ocean and its creatures. The majority of participants and their parents have proposed some exciting plans for its second year, including more fun and interactive educational activities and games, with the aim of inspiring more individuals and schools to become involved in marine conservation and sustainability.

Overall, the Ocean Keeper Club has successfully proven how individuals of young age can contribute to important causes, such as marine conservation, waste management, and climate change. Through their enthusiasm, dedication, and a willingness to act, the children can make a difference in the world.

Writers: Yoga Putra and Herni Hastutie
Photos: Adam Putra/CTC

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