06 Dec Training of Trainers for Inclusive Blue Swimming Crab Fisheries in Central Java

CTC recently completed an extensive training for 19 trainers who will assist in the implementation of sustainable blue swimming crab (BSC) fisheries project in Central Java. The six-day course covered a variety of topics such as ecology, development  of a business model canvas, communications, and teaching techniques. The new pool of trainers, equipped with new skills and knowledge, will train and empower BSC women fishers in Rembang Regency in their efforts to increase their participation and market access.

The capacity-building activities, funded by the Walton Family Foundation (WFF), have supported the management of sustainable BSC fisheries in Lampung, Central Java and West Java. This training is a critical step towards achieving local and national fishery goals as it provides potential trainers with in-depth knowledge on how to best assist BSC women fishers in improving their livelihoods. It also equips them with tools they need to effectively communicate key messages about sustainable BSC fishing practices and using a business model canvas.

Our Training and Learning team delivered the training at the Quest Hotel, Semarang, as well as taking participants on a field visit to a BSC processing village in Mangkang District of Semarang. Participants, consisting of 10 men and 9 women, were representatives from the Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (DKP) at the provincial and regency levels in Central Java, as well as fishery extension officers and staff from the Fisheries Training and Extension Center (BPPP) Tegal, Diponegoro University, and NGO partner Mitra Bentala.

In his opening remarks, the Head of DKP Central Java Province, Fendiawan Tiskiantoro, welcomed the Training of Trainers (ToT) held by CTC because there have not been many trainings on BSC fisheries in Central Java. Furthermore, the provision of business model canvas development and communication materials also brings a new dimension to the BSC processing and business chains, particularly at the household level where thousands of local fishers have relied on BSC as their main livelihood for generations.

Some participants felt that the training was beneficial in terms of increasing their knowledge of BSC and promoting BSC products, where applying appropriate communication techniques will enhance the public’s level of understanding of the valuable seafood commodity. Nova Apriandeni, a Fisheries Extension Officer (FEO) in Rembang Regency, stated that he had not previously considered different audience groups when delivering field outreach.

“Through the ToT I have learned that ‘knowing your audience’ is essential. As FEOs, we will be able to convey information more effectively by considering the target audiences and using appropriate tools,” said Nova on Tuesday (6/12), the last day of the training.

In 2023, these trainers will work with CTC to build the capacity and confidence of BSC female women fishers in Gedongmulyo Village, Rembang Regency, in order to support sustainable BSC fisheries and to improve the local economy. The Gedongmulyo’s women fisher groups will be further encouraged to actively participate in the BSC fisheries committee at the provincial level to develop more inclusive and gender-just work plans and policies regarding BSC fishing practices.

CTC has conducted an intervention program for women’s involvement in BSC fisheries in Central Java through surveys, assessments and gender analysis in four regencies, namely Rembang, Pati, Jepara and Demak. CTC chose Gedongmulyo Village as the primary target based on the high potential for BSC fisheries, the good will of local residents, and the support of local governments.

CTC’s assistance to BSC women fishers in Central Java is a replication of a previous successful program in Lampung. CTC trained 28 BSC women fishers of two coastal villages in eastern Lampung between 2021 and 2022. Furthermore, CTC worked with local governments and other NGO partners to ensure that the role of women is recognized in provincial legislation and plans for sustainable BSC fisheries in Lampung. In May 2022, CTC and Photovoices International held a photo exhibition regarding BSC fisheries in Lampung to highlight the vital work of women in the industry.

Text: Yoga Putra
Photos: Hesti Widodo/CTC, Silvianita Timotius/CTC, Nyoman Suardana/CTC, Wienda Ardiyani/CTC, Nadia Qurotha/CTC

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