29 Oct Inspiring CTC’s Ocean Keeper Club Saving Oceans through Wayang Samudra

This month, we held our 7th session of our Ocean Keeper Club. The club takes a fun approach to educating young people about the beauty of our oceans and their unique inhabitants as well as the challenges they face today. Through interactive learning and club participation, CTC engages school children from all over Indonesia.

The main topic of the latest session was Marine Biodiversity. Using a hybrid method, 42 students from local schools in Bali joined the activity from CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation with an additional 11 students online. Prior to a Wayang Samudra performance, the kids engaged in a fun interactive game called The Coral Music. The game introduces young learners to the different sounds that marine ecosystems produce.

The Wayang Samudra performance highlights the issue of plastic pollution and marine debris. In the performance, the Diver as the main narrator of the story highlights key messages on the importance of taking care of the environment in order to protect our marine biodiversity. The story also engages everyone to be responsible for the waste that we create, so that it does not harm the environment.

Photos: Adam Putra/CTC

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