13 Oct CTC Hosts Fisheries Management Training with USAID and NOAA

In October, CTC hosted fisheries management training with USAID and NOAA. The training was held from October 10 until October 13, 2022 at CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation Training Pavilion. The workshop   engaged 34 participants from the Fisheries Training Center, the National Research and Innovation Agency, and the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

This human resources training aims to prepare people to support quota-based scalable fishing programs. As a priority program, measurable fishing is carried out while taking into account aspects of marine biodiversity, namely increasing the assessment of fish stocks and managing fisheries in a sustainable and equitable manner. This effort was realized by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries through the Research and Human Resources Agency for Marine and Fisheries (BRSDM) and USAID Indonesia by holding a Fisheries Management Training Activity 1 Workshop “Effective Quota-Setting with Adaptive Implementable Management (AIM)”.  Quota-based fisheries will be the main tool to maintain the marine environment and at the same time promote economic growth.

Photos: Boy Mochran/CTC & Adam Putra/CTC



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