04 Oct Harmony Island: Vibrant Underwater World

On October 4, we launched our latest exhibition, the art installation ‘Harmony Island’ by Mulyana at our Center for Marine Conservation. ‘Harmony Island’ showcases our vibrant coral ecosystems through beautifully crafted crochet pieces made from surplus yarn from the garment industry.  Through Harmony Island, we can dive deep into the natural habitat of Mogus, the octopus monster surrounded by colorful coral islands, thriving acropora, delicate fish and captivating sea creatures. Admiring the intricate seascape provides an opportunity for humans to remember our responsibility to preserve its beauty.

Mulyana raises the seabed to eye level to reveal life underwater and provoke curiosity and empathy. He uses environmentally-friendly materials including surplus yarn from the garment industry and works with 25 crocheters to bring the pieces to life and raise crochet to an artform.

“Harmony Island as a visual reminder that environmental problems are not limited to what happens on the land. We also need to be more aware of our ocean” said Mulyana.

During the launch, CTC Executive Director Rili Djohani noted that CTC is happy and inspired to collaborate with artists who are also working alongside us to reach our vision for healthy seas for people and nature.

Born and raised in Bandung, West Java, Mulyana is a contemporary Indonesian textile artist. He creates colorful, whimsical installations using crochet, stitch, and knitting. Alongside his alter ego, an octopus named MOGUS, his jewel-like coral worlds are a visual reminder that environmental concerns aren’t limited to what happens on land.

Mulyana earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts Education from the Indonesia University of Education in Bandung in 2011. He relocated to Yogyakarta in 2014 to pursue his diverse creative endeavors with a focus on natural resource sustainability and human development.

As a thriving artist, Mulyana grew up surrounded by talented knitters, with whom he later collaborated to create modular art pieces. His co-workers include members of the transgender community, knitting hobbyists, and regular housewives. Mulyana transforms individually crocheted segments into a unified art installation of underwater life, assembling the habitat for his work’s central character, the MOGUS.

MOGUS, Mulyana’s alter-ego is an acronym for MOnster GUrita Sigarantang (the monstrous basket-like octopus). The world of MOGUS reflects the universe seen through Mulyana’s point of view. A mixture of colourful coral creations and various messages are woven into an art installation that can transport audiences of all ages into a visually captivating fictional world.

Mulyana has exhibited in the USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore, and Thailand. Harmony Island is his first ever exhibition in Bali.

Selected pieces from Harmony Island art installation will also be available for auction. Proceeds will be used to support CTC’s marine conservation programs in Indonesia and the Coral Triangle region.

CTC is inspired to collaborate with Mulyana and other artists who are also working alongside us to reach our vision for healthy seas for people and nature. Selected artworks from the Harmony Island collection are also available for purchase, with proceeds supporting CTC’s marine conservation programs in Indonesia and the Coral Triangle region.

Harmony Island is available for public viewing from 9am-5pm, Mon-Sunday, until December 2022.

You can find more information about Mulyana from his website: http://mulyana.info/
View the highlights of the exhibition opening here: bit.ly/HarmonyIslandHighlight

Photos: Yoga Putra/CTC & Adam Putra/CTC

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