01 Aug NFTs for a Cause: Supporting Coral Rehabilitation in the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital record of an asset, often a piece of art, which can be physical or digital. NFTs have become a hype since mid of 2021. They have proven to be a game-changer platform as a powerful force to raise and donate money for charity projects. 

This year Crypto Coral Tribe has been partnering up with Coral Triangle Center on a project to produce a collection of unique NFTs that represent a force for change. With every sale of Crypto Coral NFTs, the fund will support the planting of a coral fragment. Through the collaboration between Crypto Coral Tribe and Coral Triangle Center, the project aims to be able to finance a coral rehabilitation project in Nusa Penida MPA. The target of this project is to plant baby corals in CTC’s coral nursery garden in Nusa Penida. The value proposition of this project is also to create an engaged global community, spreading awareness about the corals and ways to support marine conservation efforts.

Illustration: Crypto Coral Tribe 


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