15 Jul Ensuring Effective Management In Bali and Maluku MPAs

An assessment team recently visited Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area to review its effectiveness in achieving its conservation goals. Using the Evaluation of Conservation Area Management Effectiveness (EVIKA) as a tool, the assessment of July was conducted by a team of evaluators from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) and the Ministry of Home Affairs. 

Initial assessment results showed that the Nusa Penida MPA improved its effectiveness level compared to last year, placing it in the “silver” category of being optimally managed. This year’s evaluation score significantly improved from last year’s 62.97 percent and will be formally announced by the MMAF in the next few months. 

According to the EVIKA scoring system, there are three categories to describe whether an MPA is managed effectively. The first is the bronze category, meaning it is minimally managed and has a score below 50 percent. Second, a score of 50 to 85 percent reflects a MPA being optimally managed (silver category). Lastly, a score of more than 85 percent indicates a sustainably managed MPA (gold category). To achieve a gold rating, the management unit must demonstrate that the MPA provides direct benefit to local communities and upholds sustainable and protected marine conservation values.

To further ensure that the Nusa Penida MPA remains effective, CTC will continue to support the Nusa Penida MPA Technical Management Unit (UPTD). It will assist with reviewing the MPA zoning and management plan according to the latest regulations and to integrate these in the updated Indonesia Nautical Chart. In addition, CTC continues to provide training to the Nusa Penida MPA staff to support them in meeting national standards. 

Meanwhile, EVIKA assessments were also done for MPAs in Maluku and North Maluku Province, including four newly-declared MPAs supported by CTC, namely the Ay-Rhun Islands, Buano Island and Lease Islands MPAs in Maluku, and Sula Islands MPA in North Maluku. CTC has actively contributed to the establishment of these MPAs and provides ongoing technical assistance and capacity-building to the MPA Management Units on a regular basis.

Based on the initial assessment results, the four new MPAs mentioned above are considered minimally managed or situated within the bronze category. Amongst the four, the Lease Islands MPA earned the highest initial score, followed by the Sula MPA, the Ay-Rhun Island MPA, and the Buano Island MPA. The MMAF will release the final scores in the next few months. The evaluation team suggested a number of recommendations that can be followed up by the MPA Management Unit such as strengthening the role of local community surveillance groups (Pokmaswas) within the MPA to support resource use monitoring.

They also suggested that organization partners supporting the MPAs, such as CTC, continue assisting in the public outreach and education so that local community members can play a more active role in supporting marine conservation programs in their respective areas. (*)

Photos by Kasman/CTC

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