12 Jun Yoga for Wellness Classes at CTC

In late May, the CTC team officially started an internal yoga class that takes place in the front yard of our office. The session, which begins after work hours, is led by a yoga instructor named Komang Desiani. Desi is a certified yoga teacher from One World Ayurveda. The team prepared the mantras and the comfortable clothes before the class.

The class started with breathing techniques, then continued with yoga poses in standing, sitting, and lying positions. Desi incorporated cardio training into the routine of series of in-flow yoga movements that are often called vinyasa style, like Surya Namaskar. There are slight variations to each pose every week, so the practice varies. Each pose is named in English and Sanskrit phrases that describe how the pose takes shape. As an example, cobra posture (bhujangasana), tree pose (vrksasana), and bow pose (dhanurasana).

One of the purposes of the yoga class is for team bonding. On the other hand, as we know, yoga aims to make our bodies more relaxed. Oka, a member of our financial team, said that after sitting in front of the computer all day, her body becomes stiff. Through the yoga movements, her body felt more relaxed and calmed her thoughts.

Yuar, a member of our HR team, has another perception of the yoga class. “Yoga activities give us time to rest from the hustle and bustle of daily activities. Continuous workload will produce fatigue and stress simultaneously. These conditions will interfere with productivity, concentration, and personal well-being. Yoga will guide us to listen to what our body and mind need, releasing the pressure to achieve a balanced body and a mindful feeling.” said Yuar.

The yoga class has already been held six times. The team is enthusiastic about this activity. They would like the yoga class to run consistently so that the CTC team could have a “place” to relax their bodies and calm their minds.

Photo by Rili Djohani/CTC 

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