27 May Inspiring Love for the Ocean and Marine Conservation through Art and Science

In May, we welcomed our Science Advisory Board Member, Dr. Rodney Salm with his wife and friends to our Center for Marine Conservation. They noted the progress of our facilities and upcoming exhibits, as well as of our programs during the presentation by CTC’s Executive Director, Rili Djohani. The group was particularly inspired by the Wayang Samudra (Ocean Puppets). By using this centuries old tradition, CTC is reaching out to local communities to discuss threats to the ocean and marine conservation activities.

Upon their return from their 20-day live-aboard trip to Wakatobi National Park, we organized a Wayang Samudra performance at Sanur beach for a birthday celebration on May 27, 2022. The shadow puppet performance of marine creatures is focused on the unique attributes of each marine species and how they relate to one another. The unique performance told a compelling story entitled “Ocean Commotion”. The story highlighted issues such as plastic pollution in the ocean affecting marine animals. Blending art, culture, science and storytelling, the performance aims to make an emotional connection in order to be able to inspire people to take action to conserve the ocean.


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