21 May Strengthening Partnerships in Maluku Province

As part of our commitment to support the effective marine conservation and sustainable fisheries in Maluku Province, CTC and the Maluku Provincial Government is developing a partnership with the aim to contribute to the realization of the vision of local governments in developing sustainable natural and marine resources management.

Besides the local government, CTC is also developing partnerships with local universities, research institutions, and experts in Maluku to support the development of MPA management, sustainable marine tourism, sustainable fisheries, climate change and blue carbon. Consequently, the government also expects CTC to support an enabling environment for knowledge management and sharing with other key stakeholders in Maluku.

Since 2012, CTC has contributed to the protection of marine ecosystems and biodiversity by supporting the establishment of three MPAs, namely Ay-Rhun islands MPA and Lease islands MPA in Central Maluku District, and Buano islands MPA in West Seram District. The total coverage of these MPAs reaches 160,549,58 hectares. The three MPAs, together with MPA on the coastal area of North Seram and North West Seram, were officially declared by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) on June 21, 2021.

Photo by Purwanto/CTC 

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