19 May Microsoft Team Asia-Pacific Visits CTC Center for Marine Conservation

On May 19, 2022, a team from Microsoft Asia-Pacific region visited the CTC Center for Marine Conservation. During their half-day visit, the CTC team hosted the group and took the group around to introduce our center and our marine conservation program in the Coral Triangle region. The team also had the chance to learn more about marine ecosystems and conservation through the Aquatico board game which they played during the visit. They capped off their visit by challenging each other in our Escape Rooms SOS from the Deep and SOS Plastic Danger.

Their visit to CTC Center for Marine Conservation is part of their social program in Bali. They are interested in being able to learn and also contribute towards environmental issues and programs. All proceeds from the fun learning activities at CTC Center for Marine Conservation will be used to support CTC’s marine conservation activities in Indonesia and the Coral Triangle region.  

Photo by Adam Putra/CTC & Prasiwi Bestari/CTC

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