10 May Celebrating Earth Day 2022 with School Children in Nusa Penida MPA

Earth Day is celebrated around the world to promote awareness about environmental issues. There are many ways to celebrate it, one of them is fun learning activities. On April 25, CTC, in collaboration with the Nuansa Pulau Community Group, organized an outreach event to celebrate Earth Day 2022 with local children in the Ped villages in Nusa Penida.  The theme was ​​“Invest in Our Planet, Let’s Protect Our Coral Reefs”. 

The event was supported by the Nordic Green Run and attended by students from SDN 1 Ped, SDN 2 Ped and SDN 3 Ped. Throughout the event, the kids learned about coral reef ecosystems and restoration processes.  They also had the opportunity to practice hands-on restoration by attaching coral fragments on a Reef Star structure. They were very attracted to the materials and games provided by the CTC team.

“I really support this event. Through this event, the kids learned new things about coral reef ecosystems, both their functions and benefits for us. I hope that in the future the kids will become more aware of the importance of this ecosystem and can contribute by doing small things such as not destroying coral reefs and not throwing garbage into the sea.” said Ni Made Martini, the teacher from SDN 1 Ped.

This activity aims to inspire young generations and raise their awareness of the importance of protecting coral reef ecosystems. CTC ensures that the knowledge transfer will empower the kids to take steps to protect their environment. 

Photo credit:  Adam Putra/CTC

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