22 Jan Building Strong Partnerships with Media

Last month, CTC visited several Bali-based media partners and government public relations offices at provincial and district levels. The visit aims for promoting CTC’s agenda and work plans particularly on the Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program – Coral Triangle Initiative (COREMAP-CTI) project implementation in the Nusa Penida island MPA that will help revive local blue economy through capacity-building for seaweed farmers and processors.

CTC visited the communication and information offices of Bali Province and Klungkung District as well local and national media offices around Bali such as Antara Bali Bureau, Bali Post, Bali TV, TVRI Bali, Tribun Bali, KOMPAS, KOMPAS Dewata TV, Fajar Bali and Media Bali.

Throughout the discussions, CTC highlighted the implementation of COREMAP-CTI project in Nusa Penida. By covering positive news like this, the media can help local community members to set them back on their feet after being hit hard by the global Coronavirus pandemic recently. Many locals in Nusa Penida used to work in the hospitality sector before Covid-19 unanticipatedly shut down tourism in 2019. For the last couple years, they must shift their livelihoods to seaweed farming and traditional fishing.

“All collaborative efforts we have made with stakeholders will improve local seaweed farming and processing for a better livelihood, especially for local women and fisher groups. Incomes generated from this sector will reduce fishing pressures and be beneficial to the management of Nusa Penida MPA,” said the CTC Executive Director, Rili Djohani.

Among media representatives, the Head of Antara Bali Bureau Edy Ya’kub stated his commitment to support CTC and local governments in revitalize local economy, especially activities showcasing local resiliency, sustainability and inclusivity, through news coverages. Moreover, he also considered the implementation of the COREMAP-CTI project in Nusa Penida will demonstrate a strong goodwill of multiple stakeholders to support the agenda of the G20 Conference in Indonesia this year.

“As an official media partner of the upcoming G20 Conference, Antara has committed to succeed this event. Therefore, we welcome information from all stakeholders to support some write-ups,” he said while having CTC staff at Antara’s office in Denpasar.

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