22 Dec CTC Hosts CTI-CFF Capacity Building Stock Take Results Discussion

CTC hosted partners from the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF) and WWF Coral Triangle Program to discuss the results of the CTI-CFF Capacity Building Stock Take assessment. The meeting was held at CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation from December 20-22, 2021.

The regional capacity building stock take assessment was undertaken to support the development of institutional capacity towards the protection of 30 percent of the coastal and marine waters in the Coral Triangle effectively by 2030, in line with the Convention on Biological Diversity’s post 2030 framework

During the meeting, which was led by CTI-CFF Executive Director Dr. Mohd Kushairi Mohd Rajuddin, CTC Executive Director Rili Djohani and WWF Coral Triangle Programme Leader Klaas Jan Teule, pathways to use the results of the stock take in developing a capacity building roadmap for the Coral Triangle focusing on how to scale up, catalyse and leverage existing capacity building efforts to support to better achieve the 30×30 target and to accelerate the capacity support needed to build competencies of the right people and to ensure the capacity building provided ends up directly translating into improved marine and coastal management sustainably in the region.

The stocktake also aimed to better understand the existing capacity building efforts across the Coral Triangle region; to catalogue existing activities, analyse the gaps and opportunities, and identify possible mechanisms for scaling-up, leveraging and catalysing capacity providers achievements.  The results of the stock-take aimed to provide recommendations for building human capital complime

ntary to ongoing capacity building programs, and to guide and inform the development of a CTI-CFF capacity building roadmap for the region.

This stock-take took place between August and November 2021 and was undertaken by through a series of surveys and interviews amongst government agencies, non-government organizations and academic institutions.  Overall, 126 organizations, agencies and institutions were interviewed or surveyed for the stock-take, and the overall response rate was 62 percent.

Click this link to download a copy of the capacity building stock take report.

Meanwhile, CTC also hosted CTI-CFF Deputy Director for Corporate Services Gustaaf Leumiu to exchange lessons about financial management and processes.


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