03 Dec “Coral Triangle” – A new painting is installed at CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation

CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation has a new painting by Bali-based artist Davina Stephens. The artwork, which measures 113cm x 243 cm, features the artist’s signature style: utilizing wood blocks that she designed and carved by local artisans as well as colours that are applied in a “wash style.” Davina calls the piece “Coral Triangle” – as it features a map of the region and a marine chart that show the areas where CTC works. The piece hangs at our Center’s reception desk, welcoming every visitor to our learning facility.

The story behind the artwork started due to Davina’s and CTC’s shared passion and value for underwater life and conservation. Having grown up enjoying the beauty of underwater life in many places in the Coral Triangle Region, she feels that this is the opportunity for her to contribute to the region through the artwork that she is passionate about.  

Her method of working is decided by the material she uses. She loves working with wood blocks that she designs and has carved by local artisans in Bali. She prints them onto rice paper and the joy comes in the application of colours that she applies in a wash style. She also implements a designed tool called a ‘tcap’. This is what is used to stamp the wax onto fabric for the art of Batik. 

Davina is a New Zealand born artist who has lived in many different places in the world. Everyone can find her passion for the ocean in her artwork collection called Divine Archipelago, which include images of coral, ocean bodies and landscapes on her website: davinastephens.com

Photos by Davina Stephens

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