03 Dec Indonesia Launches New Management Tools for Effective Marine Conservation

The Directorate General of Marine Spatial Management (Ditjen PRL) of Indonesias Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) launched a set of management tools for effective marine conservation in Indonesia on December 03, 2021. The launch was part of the National Workshop on Marine Biodiversity and Conservation themed Effective Conservation for Sustainable Ocean”.

Seven tools were launched to the public such as the Marine Protected Area (MPA) Vision 2030, SIDAKO for MPA database system, STRAKOM for communication strategy, EVIKA as the updated assessment tool for MPA management effectiveness, E-PANJI as the evaluation tool for threatened species management effectiveness, SHARK ID as the identification module for Carcass, Wedgefish and Giant Guitarfish, and Ocean Accounts to support the achievement of the United Nations’  (UN) Sustainable Development Goal 14 to conserve and sustain Life Below Water. 

These new management tools will ensure that Indonesia can meet its target of having at least 10 percent (32.5 million hectares) of Indonesian waters as conservation areas by 2030 and to be managed effectively, contributing to the realisation of SDG 14 to protect life underwater. The statement is in line with the MPA Vision 2030 aims: The establishment of 32.5 million hectares of Marine Protected Areas that effectively protect marine biodiversity and fish resources to improve the welfare of fishers, coastal and small island communities in Indonesia”. In order to achieve this, the plan has been divided into seven key Areas of Work(AoW). Together with WWF-Indonesia, CTC facilitated the preparation of the MPA Vision document, specifically focused on strategy in relation to Integrated Planning, Human Resources and Competency Building for MPA personnel, Communications and Outreach Platform.

On the other hand, the EVIKA tool focuses on conservation targets (e.g. species and objectives) and  lists input, process, output, and outcome. This extends on the earlier evaluation tool (E-KKP3K), which only assessed conservation area. The results of EVIKA will identify the status of a MPA and the needs to be considered as an action plan for the future progression of MPA management. Since early 2021, CTC has played an active role to ensure the EVIKA mechanism is implemented properly, as well as supporting the Indonesian Government to assess 61 MPAs nationwide using the new tool. 

The MPA and EVIKA documents can be downloaded from the publications list on our website or via these direct links: MPA Vision (English): bit.ly/MPAVison2030_ENG MPA Vision (Bahasa Indonesia): bit.ly/MPAVision2030_BI EVIKA bit.ly/Pedoman-EVIKA

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