03 Dec Harvest Time at the Center for Marine Conservation’s Permaculture Garden

Since September 2021, CTC has been developing a permaculture garden at the CTC Center for Marine Conservation assisted by our trainer who has vast experience in studying the concept of a permaculture garden. Within the last three months, we have planted a variety of vegetables, flowers, and herbs. The team has chosen the plant wisely to suit our garden and our needs. Some of the plants which the team have planted are peppermint, apple mint, Brazilian spinach, lemon, tomato, lemon basil, ginger, rosemary, oregano, dill, sweet basil, and rosella.

After three months of assistance, we managed to have our first harvest. We harvested our Brazilian spinach, peppermint, lemon basil, and rosemary. The rest of our plants are still growing as we look forward to later harvesting!

The first phase of the permaculture garden establishment project has been completed. The team will continue to maintain the garden to make sure that all the plants are growing sustainably. Moving forward, the team is planning to plant some more herbs and vegetables in our garden. Through our garden, CTC hopes to be able to continue to inspire and engage visitors about ecosystem balance and love for nature.

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