29 Nov CTC Strengthens Collaboration with Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF)

For the third time this year, CTC strengthened its position as a strategic partner of the Indonesian Government by successfully signing an agreement with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) to deliver forthcoming collaborations that will ensure the effective and sustainable marine resource management and conservation in Indonesia. CTC Executive Director Rili Djohani signed the agreement with the Directorate General of Marine Spatial Management (Ditjen PRL) Pamuji Lestari in an online ceremony on November 29, 2021.
The agreement with the Ditjen PRL covers four key aspects. These include CTC’s supports to apply National Action Plans on the Coral Triangle Initiatives on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF), direct assistance in the establishment process and effective management of marine protected areas (MPAs) and networks, technical support on the draft of marine spatial and zoning plan, and contributions to the improvement and development of sustainable and ecofriendly marine tourism management in Indonesia.
Earlier this year, CTC also signed two agreements with the Bureau of Research and Human Resources (BRSDM) and the Directorate General of Capture Fisheries (Ditjen PT) of the MMAF. Discussions and meetings on these important agreements have been conducted online since January 2021. Through a comprehensive collaboration, CTC will be able to contribute more to coastal and marine protection, as well as to the preservation of the unique biodiversity in Indonesia.

“The agreement signing this year between the Ditjen PRL and its partner organizations will support the realization of the MPA Vision 2030 as our road map to an effective MPA management in Indonesia,” said Hendra Yusran Siry, the Secretary of Ditjen PRL MMAF in his opening remarks. The agreement reflects a reciprocal endeavour, where CTC will be proactive in its annual contribution to provide data and scientific information, recommendations, technical guidance and other supports needed for an effective and sustainable management of marine resources in Indonesia. On the other hand, the Ditjen PRL will facilitate any high-level coordination needed by its organizational partners and provide qualified personnel to participate in any of human resource development and capacity-building activities held by CTC.
To ensure that this partnership will be carried out well, both CTC and the Ditjen PRL have agreed to have regular monitoring and evaluation activities at least once every semester, or twice a year. Therefore, both parties will be able to have a complete joint assessment of the overall annual activities and generate lessons learned and best practices before deciding which ones to continue and those that need further improvement.
The cooperation between CTC and the Ditjen PRL itself has been ongoing for more than a decade as CTC has consistently contributed to the marine conservation programs run by the MMAF Indonesia. Just recently, CTC also took part in the preparation of the MPA Vision 2030 both in English and Bahasa Indonesia and provided recommendations for the use of EVIKA as the new evaluation tool for effectiveness of MPA management in Indonesia.

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