19 Nov New Exhibition Hall at the CTC Center for Marine Conservation

On November 19, 2021, CTC held a Balinese blessing ceremony (Melaspas) to mark the complete building process of our new exhibition hall at the CTC Center for Marine Conservation. This cleaning and purifying ritual is done through prayers and offerings to get the goodwill and blessing for the opening of new buildings in Balinese tradition.

Our new exhibition hall is designed to host interactive learning exhibitions on the various issues that our ocean is facing such as climate change, overfishing, plastic pollution as well. It will also host a Digital Sketch Aquarium and a Science on the Sphere.The space will also host temporary exhibits from various artists that focus on ocean themes as a well as mini movie theater to show ocean-themed films. Our new exhibition hall is an important milestone, realizing our institution is growing and as part of our mission, we want to inspire more people to care for the oceans through our Center for Marine Conservation.

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