13 Nov “Mameng” Boat Ready to Sail in Banda

As mentioned earlier (see Section #3), after months of hard work and meticulous preparation, the Mameng” long-boat that CTC facilitated for the Nailaka community surveillance group (Pokmaswas) of Rhun Island in Banda, is finally set to start patrolling the seas. CTC officially handed the long boat to the Pokmaswas representatives through a simple ceremony held on November 13, 2021. The symbolic transfer was witnessed by representatives from the Maluku Provincial Governments Marine Affairs and Fisheries Agency (DKP), Marine Recreation Park (TWP) of Banda Sea and the office of Marine and Fisheries Resources Surveillance (PSDKP) of the Banda Islands, as well as the customary leader of Rhun Village, together with local religious leaders and other community members from the Ay-Rhun Islands marine protected area (MPA).

In addition, both representatives of CTC and Nailaka Pokmaswas also signed an official hand-over agreement which provides guidance on the use of the Mameng long-boat. Some points highlighted in the agreement include the boat’s utilization to support surveillance, marine resource monitoring and plastic waste clean-up activities in Rhun Island. However, the Pokmaswas also can use the boat for emergency and/or formal situations such as evacuation and governmental events.

For these specific purposes, the use of Mameng long-boat must obtain approval from Pokmaswas leaders and the king. Any activities using the boat must be well-recorded on the monthly logbook and activity report, and must be sent to the DKP Maluku Province, while keep CTC in the loop,” said Purwanto recently.

The construction of the Mameng boat, whose name taken from a local name for Napoleon Wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus), a threatened reef fish species that inhabits the surrounding water of the Ay-Rhun MPA, has been ongoing since May 2021. The shipbuilders meticulously assembled the boat using high-quality wooden materials brought from Ambon at a traditional shipyard in Banda Naira Island, about a two-hour motorboat ride from Rhun Island. With good maintenance, this 40 Horse Power engine long-boat can be estimated to serve all activities for decades to come. According Ali Samidi, the Rhun Village Government will be responsible for conducting regular boat maintenance.

Rhun Island is part of the Ay-Rhun Islands MPA, which has been officially declared by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries through a ministerial decree in June 2021. The Ay-Rhun Islands MPA, which covers a total area 47,968.74 hectares, is equipped with zoning plans to conserve and manage the marine environment and fisheries whilst respecting traditional fishing grounds and local wisdom practice called Sasi that regulates the use of marine resources in sustainable manners. (*)

Photos by La Ode Junaidin/CTC

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