31 Oct Dive and Conserve with CTC’s Coral Diving School

At CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation, we provide a variety of courses that allow people to learn and discover the rich marine biodiversity. We offer Bali diving courses through CTC’s Coral Diving School in collaboration with SSI. The courses are taught by leading marine conservationists with vast experience in studying marine conservation issues. We offer basic snorkeling classes, try scuba, marine biological specialty course, basic underwater photography, open water dive course, and scuba skill update course.

We have also developed two new courses hosted at the Coral Diving School such as Scientific Diving and React Right. Certified under Coral Diving School, the Scientific Diving course offers an introduction to the scientific diving theory, reef health monitoring protocol, fish length estimation, basic GPS data collection, and data analysis. The React Right program is a course that offers an understanding of emergency responses that provides students with the training and knowledge needed to act as the first responder in case of an emergency.

All proceeds from the courses will support the Coral Triangle Center’s marine conservation activities. Students who join will not only learn new skills but also directly contribute to the protection of coral reefs and marine life in the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity.

For more information, contact us through centerbooking@coraltrianglecenter.org or contact us through our mobile number +6181139400400.

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