14 Oct Coral Reef Restoration Task Force: Mission Bali Hai Reef Star Relocation

Determining a suitable site is an important aspect of a successful restoration project. CTC assisted Mars Sustainable Solutions (MSS), Nusa Dua Reef Foundation (NDRF) and Bali Hai Cruise (BHC) on October 13-14, 2020 in determining the best location to relocate previous Reef Stars that have been buried by sand. The Task Force assisted BHC Team in site assessment and selection, pre-habitat assessment, as well as Reef Star relocation and installation. This served as the Task Force’s first mission in assisting and providing technical support for reef restoration practitioners.

The location was selected based on site assessment and pre-habitat assessment data, as well as protective reef structures that will minimize impact from heavy sand movement. An interesting discussion ensued to determine the best location for the relocation, since the site needed to have specific characteristics suitable for Reef Star installation with a potential for tourism in the future. In this case, of course, the first point was prioritized.

Under the warm sun, in cool water, and with a high spirit, the team managed to complete all tasks. Aside from that, the team also completed the build for 40 new Reef Stars. BHC also successfully completed the MARRS method training. During the course, the participants realized that a comprehensive training in the MARRS method is needed in order to implement the method optimally.

The activities as a whole was a very valuable learning experience for us as a Task Force. We hope to share and implement the knowledge we have gained in our future missions.

Photos by Purwanto/CTC, Pariama/NDRF & Bali Hai

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