04 Oct Discover the Ocean through CTC’s Online Fun Learning Activities

As part of our aim to inspire people to care for our ocean, we have partnered up with schools around Indonesia to spread ocean positive awareness!

Through the network of schools we are building , CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation is offering fun learning classes online to engage children, youth, families, and other interested individuals. The fun learning online classes serve as a platform for the audience to learn about the marine environment through interactive online classes.

In October, we gathered all of our educational partners to join our webinar. Six schools from all over Indonesia joined this webinar, which aims to introduce our online interactive fun learning activities. The webinar was

held to coincide with World Animal Day, on October 4, 2021. CTC team presented one of the online fun learning classes to the webinar attendees, which allows them to discover the ocean through CTC’s online fun learning activities.

The online fun learning classes are all based on the fun learning program that CTC has been implementing at the Center for Marine Conservation. All of the classes will be taught by CTC’s facilitators who bring years of experience and knowledge in environmental education and learning. Through the online fun learning program and the partnership that we build with schools, CTC hopes to be able to reach out to a wider audience, especially the younger generation for this program. Through this online fun learning activity, CTC aims to raise the issues and awareness on marine conservation.

For more information, contact us through centerbooking@coraltrianglecenter.org or contact us through our mobile number +6181139400400

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