28 Sep Permaculture Garden at CTC Center for Marine Conservation Takes Root

At the CTC Center for Marine Conservation, we are highlighting the interconnectivity between land and ocean to inspire people to care for the planet. In September, our team participated in a workshop training about how to create a permaculture garden at the center. The permaculture garden is ideal for our center, where we have several plots of land to grow our fruit and vegetables in a sustainable way. The permaculture principles allow us to build a garden that relies on natural processes to promote growth and provide abundant fresh vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs.

The permaculture garden project is designed to support the effectiveness of our new waste management system, which we started in June this year. The waste that we produce will be separated and all of the organic waste will be used to produce the compost for our permaculture garden. This project marks an important milestone for CTC in our efforts to be sustainable in all we do. 

Through our zero waste and permaculture garden project, we hope to lead by example and inspire visitors to engage in a more eco-friendly lifestyle. This project will later be integrated with our fun learning activities at the CTC Center for Marine Conservation which promotes ecosystem balance and love for nature. Stay tuned for updates on our zero-waste management and permaculture garden projects!

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