20 Sep CTC Joins Global Experts Discussion on 50 Reefs Initiative

CTC Executive Director Rili Djohani and  CTC Marine Conservation Advisor Marthen Welly participated at a series of global workshops held between September 20-28, 2021 to discuss various pathways to support the 50 Reefs Initiative and the future of coral reef conservation. The forum, organized by Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Vibrant Oceans Initiative and the Wildlife Conservation Society, was attended by more than 45 marine scientists, researchers, experts, and practitioners from all over the world. 

The 50 Reefs Initiative (50 Reefs) is a global effort launched in 2017 to protect a portfolio of coral reefs that are most resilient in the face of climate change that includes 75% of global coral species and can help repopulate degraded reef areas. The initiative brings together leading ocean, climate and marine scientists as well as conservation practitioners to identify a list of high priority coral reefs that have the best chance of surviving climate change in order to aid the recovery of coral reef ecosystems amidst global temperature rise.

This series of three online workshops discussed key questions at the cutting edge of coral reef conservation. The discussions centered around empowering communities, defining the next 50 Reefs portfolio, and coping with pressures on coral reefs. In discussing pressures on coral reefs, the participants mapped out strategies and actionable recommendations to empower local communities to cope with the major pressures facing coral reefs: governance challenges, fisheries and nutrition, water quality and public health, climate change, and sustainable financing. Following the workshops, a series of short white papers will be developed on critical topics facing coral reef conservation. 

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