13 Sep Capacity-Building Activity for the Blue Swimming Crab Fisheries Committee in Lampung

From September 13 to 16, 2021, CTC successfully conducted an online capacity-building training for managers of the blue swimming crab (BSC) fishery and members of the Sustainable BSC Fisheries Management Committee (KPPRB) in Lampung. The activity covered various topics about leadership, particularly organizational management and communication. Delivered online via Zoom and Jamboard platforms, the training was attended by 20 participants. Participants represented the KPPRB Lampung Secretariat and its divisions, such as the working group I, II, III, IV and V. The overall objective of the training was to deepen participants’ knowledge and understanding of the management and communication procedures in multi-stakeholder organizations like the KPPRB Lampung.

This knowledge will hopefully lead to a comprehensive organizational vision and mission, and allow teams to build good communication and develop constructive relationships with each other.
The training materials for this activity consisted of two main parts: 1) The organizational management tool, which covers Envisioning (Visualization of Organizational Goals), Effective Meetings, Becoming a Facilitative Meeting Leader, Negotiating in Meetings, Managing Group Dynamics, Making Participatory Decisions, Planning Development, Introduction to the Fundamentals of Monitoring and Evaluation, and Stakeholder Management; and 2) The communication tool, which consists of Non-Verbal Communication (Listening and Observing) and Verbal Communication (Asking and Digging for In-Depth Information) resources.
The training used various approaches to increase engagement, such as adult learning, contextual learning, appreciative inquiry, asset-based learning, rite facilitation, etc. These approaches increased levels of participation and curiosity by highlighting practical topics based on personal experiences and existing knowledge.

In general, the training has resulted in an increase in participants’ knowledge of organizational management and communication. Some indicators that can be used as main references include: (i) An increased score of post-test results from all participants; (ii) An increased understanding of all participants in expressing various knowledge to manage meetings and communicate through several in-groups practice opportunities; and (iii) An increased confidence level of some participants who were not used to lead a meeting in the practice of leading meetings and building communication.

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