07 Sep Did You Know?

Did you know? The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) adopted the Marseille Manifesto on September 10, 2021, calling for collaborative action to secure the future of life on the planet by halting the loss of biodiversity by 2030 and achieving ecosystem recovery and restoration by 2050. The IUCN also urged governments and the private sector to invest at least 10% of global post-Covid 19 recovery funds in nature and adopted a series of resolutions and commitments to urgently address the interlinked climate and biodiversity crises. The Marseille Manifesto was endorsed by IUCN’s more than 1,500 members, which includes CTC. The participants came together in person and online for the first ever hybrid World Conservation Congress held in Marseille, France on September 3-11, 2021. The IUCN Congress focused on three main themes: the post-2020 biodiversity conservation framework, to be adopted by the parties to the UN Biodiversity Convention; the role of nature in the global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic; and the need to transform the global financial system and direct investments into projects that benefit nature. 

Read more about the Marseille Manifesto here: https://iucn.s3.eu-west-3.amazonaws.com/en/CGR-2021-1.6-2_Marseille_Manifesto_IUCN_World_Conservation_Congress_10_%20September_2021.pdf

Photo by: Erik Lucas/Ocean Image Bank

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