14 Aug Learn about the Ocean Virtually while Having Fun

During this pandemic, we can continue to learn about our oceans at the comforts of our home through our Online Fun Learning Activities. As part of our goals to inspire future generations to care for ocean ecosystems, we are thrilled to offer online fun learning activities. Everyone  (children, youth, families) can join our online activities like coral clay workshop, fun learning class, sea animal weaving workshop, and sea animal storytelling. 

Discover more and be inspired to protect the ocean that connects us together. All proceeds from the activities will be used to support the CTC marine conservation programs in the Coral Triangle region. Watch the video to learn more about our online fun learning: https://youtu.be/hkBzjs0f2UY 

For more information, contact us through email at centerbooking@coraltrianglecenter.org or Phone/WA: +62-811-39400-400

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