10 Aug Jump Virtually into the Ocean with our Online Classes and Certification

In August, CTC rolled out three online speciality and certification courses under the Coral Diving School at CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation. The courses include Basic Marine Ecology, Fish Identification, and Coral Identification. 

Through these courses, participants are able to discover the wonders of marine ecology, learn how to identify fascinating and beautiful fish of all shapes and sizes and different types of coral reefs. What’s even more special is that by taking these courses, participants are directly contributing to marine conservation as all proceeds will be used to support CTC’s programs in Indonesia and the Coral Triangle. 

The online courses are taught by  CTC’s marine conservationists who have vast experience studying coral reefs in Indonesia and across the Coral Triangle. The courses, which are open to divers and non-divers, are  provided in collaboration with SSI.  Participants can therefore use their certification to qualify for higher level programs under SSI as well. 

“I want to help the restoration of coral reefs, given the current conditions. Understanding the general concepts and existing systems can be the first step for me in starting and supporting the journey to protect the marine environment” said Andika Darmawan, one of the course participants. 

Since its establishment, Coral Diving School has certified divers from different levels of diving courses and marine ecology programs. While most dive centers focus on regular diving courses, our dive school offers a variety of courses to encourage students to protect our marine environment. Find out more about our Coral Diving School by visiting our website www.savingoceansnow.com or drop us an email at centerbooking@coraltrianglecenter.org

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