09 Jun Fashion for the Reefs

Collaborating together and working together are what bring great success to protect our ecosystems. CTC is currently teaming up with Cla, a fashion brand from Yogyakarta in Indonesia, to inspire people to safekeep our coral reefs. Cla aims to be more socially involved in today’s prominent issues, especially in environmentally related ones. Through the collaboration that Cla made with CTC, they aim to take part in conserving Indonesia’s coral reefs and marine life.

As part of their movement to inspire people to join in taking action on marine conservation, this season, they proudly present their Summer Collection with Coral patterns that add touches of uniqueness to the products. Cla’s Coral Collection is enthusiastically and intentionally made to keep the thought of the beauty of the underwater world in our hearts while being represented in fun and dynamic designs. The Collection reminds us that corals are such significant animals that keep environmental balance beneath the sea.


Cla took action in supporting CTC’s Adopt-a-Coral program by adopting 23 baby corals. With their contribution, CTC was able to plant more corals in our nursery garden which is located in the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area. These corals will grow to become part of healthy reefs and provide great benefits for our oceans. Cla hopes that this collaboration will alert more people to the importance of coral conservation and restoration. Let’s take part in safekeeping our nature’s treasure!


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