07 May World’s First Satellite-Based Coral Reef Monitoring System Deploys Globally, Paving the Way for Innovation-Driven Conservation

On May 19, 2021, the Allen Coral Atlas released the world’s first satellite-based global coral reef monitoring system. This monitoring system works alongside the Atlas’ maps, which feature crucial reef data such as benthic habitat maps, geomorphic zone maps and quarterly turbidity. Together, the full suite of Atlas tools provides a comprehensive and unprecedented picture of coral reef change over time. Armed with this new information, the coral community will be better equipped to actively respond to coral reef threats with targeted conservation efforts in the most vulnerable areas. Read more at this link: https://allencoralatlas.org/blog/worlds-first-satellite-based-coral-reef-monitoring-system-deploys-globally-paving-the-way-for-innovation-driven-conservation/

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