22 Mar Developing a Campaign to Promote Sustainable Blue Swimming Crab Fisheries in Indonesia

Building on our work to promote sustainable fisheries in Indonesia, CTC organized a collaborative online workshop entitled “Formulating Narratives for Sustainable BSC Fisheries for Media” with some of our key government, non-government and industry partners. The workshop is the first of a series of activities to develop a new program called Rajungan untuk Masyarakat Sejahtera (JUARA), a media campaign that highlights the role of fisheries as a renewable natural resource that can provide considerable benefits to the country’s prosperity with the correct management and enabling policy in place.  The campaign also aims to create pride amongst local governments who have successfully supported sustainable fisheries in their area in an effort to influence others to do the same.

The workshop took place for two days, from March 22-23, 2021, and was attended by 17 participants from local government of Lampung Province, industry representatives such as APRI and non-governmental organizations such as the Environmental Defense Fund and Starling Resources,  that have been working specifically on BSC fishery issues. 

The result of the workshop will further support the JUARA media campaign strategy document, which is still being prepared by CTC. For next activities, CTC plans to hold a training for journalists at the local level in Lampung Province and at national level in Jakarta. Through the mainstreaming of sustainable BSC fishery narratives in the media, it is hoped that the wider community and related stakeholders will be more aware and concerned about the socioeconomic values of the BSC, law enforcement and marine ecosystem protection to maintain the stability of BSC stocks in nature.


Blue Swimming Crab Photo by Unsplash

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