08 Mar CTC Moves to a New Office in Ambon

CTC is pleased to announce that since March 08, 2021, we have relocated our office in Ambon, Maluku. Occupying a new, safer and more spacious building, our new office is located at Jl. Puncak Bogor No. 59, RT 003/RW 001, Amantelu Village, Sirimau Subdistrict, Karang Panjang, Ambon City. The overall office relocation process has gone fast and smoothly with the help of our two extraordinary local staff, namely the Banda MPA Coordinator Sukron Alfi Rintiantoto and the Project Administrative Assistant Ursula Virginia Tuhuteru.

Previously, CTC occupied a rented office space at the Amans Inn Hotel in Ambon (2018-2020) and Ambon Fisheries Education and Training Center (BPPP) in Poka, Rumah Tiga Subdistrict (2016-2018). Our effort to maintain our branch office in Ambon reflects CTC’s strong commitment and dedication to support on-the-ground marine conservation and capacity-building activities for MPA personnel and other relevant key stakeholders in eastern Indonesia. To date, CTC has supported the establishment of four MPAs, namely the Ay-Rhun Islands MPA, Lease Islands MPA and the Buano Islands MPA in Maluku Province, and the Sula Islands MPA in North Maluku Province.

In addition, CTC also supports several sustainable fisheries programs, such as building a sustainable seafood industry to support coastal communities in the Arafura Sea (known as SeaNet Indonesia) from 2018-2019 and the Fishery Improvement Project for snapper-grouper fisheries in the Banda Sea with the Marine Stewardship Council since 2020.

Photos by: CTC

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