21 Feb CTC and Ludenara Hold Online Teacher Training to Promote Creative Teaching Methods on Marine Conservation


Creative teaching methods are an important aspect of learning. Coral Triangle Center (CTC), in collaboration with Ludere Nusantara (Ludenara), facilitated an online teacher training focusing on sharing methods on how to teach marine conservation knowledge in a fun way!

 The online teacher training was a series of events during the month of February. On February 6th, we conducted a webinar intro for our online teacher training. The webinar intro was attended by 80 participants from all over Indonesia. During this webinar, both CTC and Ludenara shared some exciting approaches that teachers and trainers can use to spread marine conservation messages during class/training.

“This event is really cool, and I have been looking for this (kind of) workshop and mentoring, Moreover I’m not from an educational background, so I really need it. I think a lot of it. conservationists in Indonesia have to take part in this training. Anyway, really great work for the CTC and Ludenara teams. I really appreciate what you guys have done! Very helpful! I hope this event can expand more widely.” said Lingga Danu Febrinilla from Papua Explorers.

 The training continued two weeks later, on 21st – 22nd February 2021. This two-day online teacher training was a more exclusive training, and it was attended by 12 participants, ranging from teachers to marine conservation trainers. Collaborating with Ludenara, we shared some solutions to the challenges of engaging children to learn things outside of formal education such as marine conservation. The training provides exciting marine conservation lessons and the implementation of game-based learning methods in marine conservation training.

 Through the collaboration that CTC had with Ludenara, we succeeded in designing an exciting marine conservation learning program, which could also be relevant to formal education. Our goal is that at the end of this program the participants will be able to connect formal learning materials with marine conservation and present it in a fun way!

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