14 Feb Green Fins Certification Continues Amidst Pandemic

Despite being badly hit by the pandemic, dive operators in Bali remain steadfast and highly committed to marine conservation. One of these dive operators is Aquamarine Diving Bali, who completed their Green Fins assessment on February 14, 2021.

 CTC conducted the Green Fins assessment with strict Covid-19 protocols such as using masks, practicing social distancing, limiting the number of guests on the boat, and ensuring that each guest used one set of equipment that was cleaned and properly disinfected. Guests were also required to handle their own equipment during the entire diving trip and bring their own water bottle and eating utensils.Apart from applying Green Fins standards in their diving activities, Aquamarine staff are actively involved in beach clean-ups and underwater clean-up activities, recording and monitoring marine life at their dive spots, and ensuring that they have proper waste management.

CTC team noted a few key points that need to be improved and conducted an assessment briefing for the staff on how to implement these changes. This is already the third Green Fins assessment for Aquamarine and as the result, their scores have greatly improved from the last two years. Established in 2004, Green Fins is an international standard for environmentally responsible diving and snorkeling. It is supported by UN Environment and Reef-World Foundation and is being implemented by  CTC in Indonesia. It is also an active network of more than 400 dive and snorkel operators in eight countries around the world, all working to protect our marine environment. 


Dive operators can join Green Fins for free and receive annual assessments, training and feedback to help them achieve the Code of Conduct points, which not only standardizes membership but also allows a system for measurable progress and collaboration between stakeholders. To become a Green Fins member in Indonesia, contact indonesia@greenfins.net

Photos by: Marthen Welly/CTC

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