20 Dec The Forgotten Islands’ Video is on YouTube

A beautiful short video of our recent trip on board the Seven Seas to the “The Forgotten Islands” made by Alex del Olmo, an award-winning underwater filmmaker, is now available on YouTube. It will take you on a special journey.

The rich and almost untouched reefs hold a lot of magical scenes and close encounters with marine life. The Sermata Island group harbors one of the last multi-species spawning sites in Indonesia with a spectacular abundance of fish such as groupers, snappers, batfish, fusiliers, and butterfly fish. The coral reefs are extensive over wide areas with a high diversity of species, sizes, color shading and coverage indicating a high resilience for climate change.

The sheer beauty and diversity above and underwater provides joy, peace and hope! It reminds us what we are fighting for to preserve for our future. Enjoy!


Photo credit: Tommy Schultz

“Seven Seas Solitude – an Epic Trip below the Waves” – Watch Here

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