30 Oct Partnering with Tour Operators to Promote Sustainable Tourism

Pacto Destination Management Company (DMC) delivered a webinar entitled “Local Resonances in Pursuit of Sustainable Tourism” on October 5, 2020 featuring guest speakers from CTC and  Pramana Experiences.

In the online discussion, CTC Executive Director, Rili Djohani introduces CTC’s programs on marine conservation in Indonesia and the Coral Triangle. “We wanted to establish an Indonesian foundation that would work at a regional scale with global impact,” said Rili Djohani. With a small group of committed people, CTC helps to build local capacity for long term conservation.

During the webinar, one of the main highlights of the discussion was about the future of sustainable tourism at a time when the target for most operators is pure survival. During this pandemic, Ms. Djohani stated that sustainable tourism can also be promoted at this time to bring people back to nature. “We see local communities for example in Nusa Penida, shifting their activities from tourism to seaweed again. In other places they go back to fishing and agriculture,” added Ms. Djohani. Meanwhile, CTC continues to work on spreading the word of marine conservation and switching our training and workshops on marine conservation online and work with local partners and global partners to further raise the awareness on the importance of the coral reefs and the oceans in general.

The collaboration that CTC built with Pacto DMC can effectively support our vision and mission by actively promoting this network of MPAs as the pearls of Indonesia, their importance for biodiversity, food security, coastal protection, and tourism. DMC plays an active role in helping to spread the narrative in the tourism industry and with tourists how precious our coral reefs and oceans are and that together we should safeguard them for future generations.

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