30 Oct CTC Academy Goes Online with Fisheries Governance Training

To adapt to the changes in learning methods during the time of the pandemic, CTC has launched its new e-learning platform this month with a new online course on fisheries management. The CTC Academy’s e-learning platform provides free courses in the form of self-training for the public interested in learning more about marine resource management. Through the CTC Academy platform, CTC has now opened self-paced training that will facilitate community capacity building through the distance and time availability. The first course in CTC Academy’s online platform is Fisheries Governance.

Fisheries Governance Online Training was developed from training materials developed by CTC in collaboration with the Environmental Defense Fund. This training aims to provide participants with an understanding of the importance of fisheries governance and how to integrate it into the fisheries management plan formulation process. Through this self-paced training, participants will gain knowledge about systems and principles in effective fisheries management, then learn about various fisheries management approaches including their strengths and weaknesses, and learn the process of compiling a fisheries management plan.

Fisheries managers and practitioners such as managers of Fishery Management Areas (FMAs), Provincial and District Governments, fisheries entrepreneurs, NGOs, and academics are the targeted participants of this training. The duration of the training depends on the speed at which a participant completes the training, though it must be within 90 days. After getting the sufficient grades for the quiz and post-test, participants will get a digital certificate that can be downloaded from the CTC Academy’s e-learning platform directly.

CTC is also working with Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF) to translate the video, Introduction to Fisheries Management, which is one of the learning media used in Fisheries Governance training. This video plays an important role in providing an understanding of the material, especially to give participants some images of Fisheries Open Access.

Please join this training by filling up your data in the registration page: https://ctc-academy.net/elearning/

Fisheries Governance Course https://ctc-academy.net/elearning/course/view.php?id=2

CSF video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6q0IuOOvIA

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