29 Oct CTC Joins Jakarta Intercultural School Webinar on the Impact of the Pandemic

On the 28th of October, Marine Conservation Club of Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), CTC, Thalassa Dive Resort, and Universitas Sam Ratulangi teamed up in a webinar entitled “The Impact of Covid-19 in the Marine Environment”. There were 50 participants who participated in the webinar.

The webinar is part of the JIS Marine Conservation Club program and ongoing efforts to inspire people, especially the younger generation, to care for the marine environment. President of JIS Marine Conservation Club, Rafi Djokosoetono mentioned that due to this year’s pandemic, the club was not able to get to the field to do a beach clean-up and conduct hands-on learning on the marine environment. Rafi said that even though we’re not able to go out to the ocean, there are still so many things that we can do in our daily life that have a big impact on the environment.

In the webinar, CTC Executive Director, Rili Djohani introduces CTC’s program and explains what Covid-19 has brought to the marine environment especially in Nusa Penida, Bali. The absence of tourists during Covid-19 has brought a significant impact on the environment. The number of tour operator boats passing by the island has dropped down significantly, showing the decrease of marine tourism activities.

The current situation has impacted the environment and also the people in Nusa Penida. Through an environmental perspective, the decrease in the number of visitors visiting Nusa Penida has reduced pressure on the marine ecosystem. For the people in Nusa Penida, there has been a shift from tourism to seaweed farming for their main livelihood.

Rili Djohani mentioned that Covid-19 has forced us to take a step back and made us realize what matters most. “Nature can take its course and recuperate in this new reality which is reflected in the decrease in air pollution and carbon emissions. We need to transform to equitable distribution of benefits, sustainable economies, and cleaner energy.” This new reality becomes an opportunity for us to unite and truly implement sustainable development goals.

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