15 Sep Swimming Crab Sustainable Fisheries Action Plan for West Java Moves Forward

Coral Triangle Center (CTC), Starling Resources (SR), and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) are working together to prepare the roadmap for the Action Plan for Blue Swimming Crab (BSC) Management for West Java Province. A series of virtual meetings with the Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of West Java Province have taken place in the development of the West Java BSC Management Action Plan.

Following the first virtual workshop in July, the second session of the West Java BSC Management Action Plan was conducted on August 26, 2020, attended by 22 participants from the related stakeholders such as West Java provincial and district governments, fishers’ communities, and mini plants or small-scale manufacturers. The workshop aimed to explore existing fishery issues in West Java Province, then to set up strategies to overcome the issues. Twenty-three issues were identified, constituting their problem-solving task. The findings were scheduled to be discussed in the next meeting, on September 11, 2020, where the goal and scope of work of the BSC management were also to be discussed.


The Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of West Java Province officially opened the workshop, after which followed a series of presentations by SR about the roadmap of the Action Plan for BSC Management, West Java BSC Fishery by EDF, and findings related to the identified BSC fishery issues by EDF.

The workshop was highly received by the participants, as they mentioned it was interesting to work in a group. During the workshop, the participants were divided into several groups to discuss the findings.


Photo credit by CTC

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