30 Jul Introducing New Fun Learning Activities at the Center for Marine Conservation


On July 30, our partners in the tourism industry joined us for a webinar, “Inspiring Ocean Conservation through Fun Learning.” We introduced our latest interactive activities such as the Sea Animal Weaving Workshop and our newest Escape Room, SOS Plastic Danger.

We also presented our current fun learning activities such as Escape Room SOS from The Deep, Adopt-a-Coral, Coral Clay Workshop, Fun Learning Class, Amazing Ocean Race, Community Art Canvas, Fun Learning Trip, and Dinner with Art Performance.

Inspired by Balinese culture and tradition, our latest art workshop is called the Traditional Sea Animal Weaving Workshop. Through it, participants are guided to create sea animals such as tuna, trevally, crabs, turtles, and other sea animals, using coconut leaves as the main material. Coconut leaves are commonly used in Bali to create offerings. This workshop not only allows us to introduce the culture and tradition in Bali through weaving, but we are also able to convey the message of conservation through these marine animals. Prior to the weaving activity, participants receive a short presentation about each sea animal.

During the webinar, CTC also promoted Escape Room “SOS Plastic Danger”, a newly built escape room at the center, aimed to raise awareness to the rising threats and dangers of plastic pollution to human life and the environment. Players are challenged to save marine life from the plastic before it’s too late!

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