23 Jul “Aku Cinta Laut”, an Online Talk Show with Indonesia’s Young Artists and Ocean Advocates

To celebrate Indonesia’s National Children’s Day on July 23, CTC encouraged Indonesian children to give more love to the sea and its biodiversity. We organized an online talk show with the winners of our “Art for the Ocean” drawing competition in June, who came from different provinces across Indonesia. They were Haura Amira Faisal from Makassar, South Sulawesi; G. Ishana Aolani N from Denpasar, Bali; I Kadek Bayu Purusatama from Karangasem, Bali; Gracia Aurelia Cahya R from Depok, West Java; Naren Louis from Jakarta; and Patricia Asinauli Situmorang from Manokwari, West Papua. The talk show was broadcast live on CTC ‘s Facebook page.

Previously, CTC held the “Art for the Oceans” drawing competition to celebrate Coral Triangle Day on June 8th. Through their artwork, the six winners delivered a message of the importance of protecting the sea from the large amount of plastic waste thrown into the sea.

CTC’s Executive Director Rili Djohani expressed her appreciation to the winners for being able to see the adverse effects of plastic waste on marine animals and expressed hope that the creativity expressed in their drawings would be transformed into real actions in their daily lives. Ms. Djohani  said, “On this National Children’s Day, I do hope children will become the inspirators and ambassadors of the nation in protecting our environment and the sea.”

In the talk show, the children shared their daily stories in reducing plastic waste. “I always bring my drinking bottle to school so I don’t have to buy bottled water,” said Patricia. The same opinion was also expressed by Haura, Ishana, and Kadek. “I collect plastic bottles and recycle them into crafts,” Kadek added.

Naren shared his activity in helping his mother sort out organic and inorganic waste at his home. “I help Mama sort out plastic, organic, and inorganic waste. Organic waste is then made into compost. It smells bad, hehe! “, said Naren while laughing.

Gracia Aurelia suggested doing beach cleaning activities more often. “In addition to reducing plastic waste we also need to take action to clean the beach more often,” she said excitedly.

The talk show concluded with a one-minute drawing challenge. Surprisingly, the children managed to complete the challenge and show their captivating drawings. Kadek drew a fisherman, Ishana drew a fish swimming freely in a clean ocean, Gracia Aurelia drew a turtle, Patricia drew her favorite fish Nemo, Naren Louis drew a cockatoo and Haura drew a fish swimming between corals.

At the end of the talk show, Haura surprised all participants with her drawing of the face of CTC Executive Director Rili Djohani. Ms. Djohani was excited with the surprise as the picture was drawn in a very short time. “It’s amazing, thank you!”, said Ms. Djohani.

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