16 Jul Virtual Training on Blue Swimming Crab Management for Fisheries Managers in West Java

With action plans for Blue Swimming Crab (BSC) fisheries in West Java Province currently on hold due to the pandemic, we conducted a virtual training for fisheries managers to continue the work. The training was held on July 15-16, 2020 and with 22 provincial and district government staff as participants. It aimed to deliver knowledge on characteristics of the BSC fishery in West Java, fish  eries governance and sustainable fisheries management, and preparing an action plan for sustainable management of the BSC fishery. The training was organized in collaboration with Starling Resources and the Environmental Defense Fund.

The training topics included the national importance of the BSC and its contribution to the provincial economy, BSC stock assessment, fisheries governance, sustainable fisheries management, and lessons learned from BSC fisheries management in Lampung Province.

The training was successfully delivered with the participants showing high post-training test scores despite encountering some challenges related to online learning platforms

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