11 May Coral Diving School Gets Excellence in Ecology Training Center from SSI

The Coral Diving School at CTC’ Center for Marine Conservation received the “Excellent Ecology Training Center award” from SSI Indonesia last month. The award is given to dive schools who are very committed to educating their members and the public about concern for sustaining the environment, especially the marine environment. In 2020, three dive schools received the award. Coral Diving School was cited for its efforts in conducting classes that encourage students to protect our marine environments such as marine ecology, coral and fish identification, and shark and sea turtle ecology. Most dive centers in Indonesia focus on regular diving courses such as Try Scuba, Basic Scuba and Open Water.

Coral Diving School provides information and a code of conduct related to coral reefs, the marine environment, and responsible divers to promote sustainable marine tourism as well. Since its establishment last year, Coral Diving School has certified 27 divers from different levels of diving courses with coral reef and marine conservation as part of the training session. It also provides a scientific diving course focused on coral and fish monitoring skills for licensed divers who want to go deeper or advance their knowledge of scientific methods and survey techniques.


Photos : CTC; Kitty Currier/CTC

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