30 Apr Virtual Focus Group Discussion to Develop Five-year MPA Capacity-Building Roadmap in Indonesia

CTC has collaborated with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries’ (MMAF) Directorate of Marine Resource Conservation (KKHL) and Center of Training and Extensions (Puslatluh), to develop a roadmap for MPA personnel capacity building in the country. This collaboration started in January this year and has already completed various activities such as meetings, consultations, a desktop analysis, and a direct trial in a national park. The latest activity is the development of a draft Five-Year (2020-2024) Roadmap for MPA Personnel Capacity Building in Indonesia, which was presented during a focus group discussion on April 30, 2020.

A total of 120 participants attended the online discussion with aims of (1) clarifying the findings, (2) asking for partners’ contributions to implement the roadmap, and (3) getting input on the concept of structural training and certification (Diklat) which will be initiated in 2023 for MPA personnel. Participants represented government agencies (ministries of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Finance and Home Affairs, the National Development Planning Agency, Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs, Oceanography Research Center–Indonesia Institute of Science, and the Indonesia Professional Certification Authority), Professional Certification Institutes, Bogor Agriculture University, and thirteen NGOs.


The roadmap has five milestones that need to be completed in five years. These include ensuring that (1) minimum and intermediate conditions are achieved through trainings/assessment of competencies; (2) competency-based curriculum and modules are available, (3) standardization of competencies are achieved, (4) preparation of the Diklat, and (5) institutionalization or internalization the Diklat into the MMAF’s Center of Training and Extension (BP3).

Following the FGD, CTC was able to generate partners’ support in the implementation of trainings and competency assessments as well as technical inputs for the development of the Diklat. The input and suggestions from the FGD will complete the draft, and then the final Roadmap will act as guidance for national and local governments and partners to develop MPA capacity-building programs and activities.

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