30 Apr Aquatico Featured in The Skimmer’s List of Marine Conservation Games

Our very own Aquatico board game made it to the list of “Serious Games for Coastal and Marine Conservation, Management and Adaptation” featured on The Skimmer on Marine Ecosystems and Management website. The Skimmer is a monthly information service on ocean planning and ecosystem-based management and serves over 10,000 members from the global marine resource management community with news, views, and analysis from experts around the world. It lists 30 notable games from all over the world that feature marine and coastal management themes which can be found here.

Since its first launch in 2016, Aquatico has been a unique environmentally themed board game. It is designed to introduce the aquatic ecosystems (deep sea, coral reef, seagrass, mangrove, wetland, lake, and river) and their biodiversity to its players. This game aims to raise awareness about the connections amongst the ecosystems in our environment and the value of working together to protect the environment “from ridges to reefs”. Each player acts as a community who is in charge of maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

This game also incorporates different types of charismatic animals that live within the different ecosystems, such as the milky stork, the clownfish, the blue whale, the proboscis monkey, the pora-pora fish, the sea cow, the Irrawaddy dolphin, and the sunfish. The game allows players not only to learn about different aquatic ecosystems and all the threats they face but also to understand all the animals that interact within the ecosystems.

Aquatico is a fun board game that is a part of CTC’s Games for Change initiative. This innovative approach was developed by CTC in collaboration with our partner, the Bandung-based game studio Kummara and Manikmaya. The aim of developing this board game was to bring marine education into daily lives in a fun way to have more people understand at a deeper level that we are all connected by ecosystems, and it is our duty to work together to protect the environment.


After a few years, we have finally created a new design for this board game. On this new design, we added a new scoring board and a new design of the animal card. Aquatico second edition is now available for sale at CTC’s office in Sanur, Bali. Go grab yours today! All proceeds support marine conservation activities in Indonesia and the Coral Triangle.

For more information contact us at info@coraltrianglecenter.org.

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