17 Apr Socio-economic Survey Conducted in Lease Islands

CTC conducted a socio-economic survey in early March in the Lease Islands, in parallel with Reef Health Monitoring (RHM) and prior to government-imposed travel restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic. The team successfully collected data from Ameth and Leinitu in Nusa Laut subdistrict and Haria in Saparua subdistrict. Pejuang Laut such as Raja Ameth’s Wempy Dirk Parinusa played a significant role in the data collection and facilitation of the interviewees and respondents.

During the data collection, the socio-economic team also distributed communication materials for villagers to have a better understanding of Marine Protected Area (MPA) establishment and Endangered, Threatened, and Protected (ETP) marine animals. Posters with information about ETP marine animals and the benefits of MPA establishment were handed to respondents as a gift to appreciate their time for being interviewed. Some of the respondents even asked for more posters for them to display on their walls. Respondents are also willing to learn more about MPA establishment and promoting sustainable fisheries in their area.

Photos by : Erniatun Hartini/CTC

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